Peak expertise in mechanical design and product development for the healthcare sector

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Liski Group Oy provides mechanical design, product development, prototypes, and production for our clients all around the world. We bring decades of experience and peak expertise to our work.

Start to finish product development projects

We can take care of the whole product development project from inception to completion, or simply provide assistance if and when your own knowledge and skills are insufficient.


One of the first things we do is plan out exactly what is needed for the product or the project. Changing aims and goals during the process means time and money lost. We also provide the right people for demanding tasks in the project. We have many reliable co-operative partners and our network is in constant growth. We follow our clients' quality control programmes and sign quality agreementss according to either ISO 13485 or ISO 9001-standards.

Product development projects may entail sub-projects which should be announced beforehand. We will help you in recognising possible problem points and to make suitable back-up plans. Our goal is to ensure the progress of the main project.

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We now offer a new Omasuunnittelija (My Designer) service:

  • Omasuunnittelija is a solution for possible design requirements.

  • Omasuunnittelija has sound problem-solving capabilities when needed.

  • Omasuunnittelija learns all your organisation's habits and norms.

  • Omasuunnittelija is able to utilise all common office programmes.

  • Omasuunnittelija is at your service if and when needed.

  • Omasuunnittelija can make decisions regarding upkeep of products as well as take part in product development projects.

  • Omasuunnittelija can be tailored to the client's needs.

  • Omasuunnittelija is only paid for when used.

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Mechanical design

Our company has solid experience of design and product developmpent. Our specialty is mechanical design for the healthcare industry.


The expensitures for product manufacture are outlined in the design phase. Expenditures play a bigger role in simple products than in a complicated device. Cost efficiency is one of our strengths. We take questions regarding sales negotiations, logistics, and supplier selection into account.


Few fields have been spared ever-tightening regulations and inspections. We look into regulations and standards relating to your product during the specification stage to avoid unwanted surprises.

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We offer production as part of our Key in Hand product development projects, but you can also choose this separately. Production cannot be begun too early: it begins as early as the design phase. The method of manufacture, for example, is by and large chosen during the design process, and we have wide-reaching experience  of different kinds of manufacturing processes.


Scouting for suppliers and manufacturing partners is part of the production process. We ensure the timely availability of components and negotiate production with manufacturers and subcontractors. We send the product to manufacturers with clear instructions. We would love to tell you more - get in touch!

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Manufacturing prototypes

Every product development project requires a prototype to ensure that the product works in practice.


It can be a good idea to produce a prototype early in the process. This can save time in designing, and the prototype can help specify requirements and desires. However, production of a prorotype can entail much careful planning and simulation.


One prototype is often insufficient, so several are made at different stages of the process. A prototype can be made either of an entire device or just a part in order to test certain functionalities.

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